Charming Transcaucasia

Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan are three tiny countries with different religions, different languages and lived by more than a hundred different ethnic groups. Also called Transcaucasia, this region is located on the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, between the Black Sea on the west and the Caspian Sea on the east, and the Caucasus Mountains to the north and a vast steppe to the south. During its long history, Transcaucasia has seen many different empires: Roman, Byzantine, Mongol, Persian, Osman and Russian, each leaving its religious and cultural imprints. It has experienced countless brutal wars and even in its recent history was still an arena for political, military and religious disputes.

However, Mother Nature has been kind to this region, gifting it with fertile land, abundant water, rich mineral resources and mild climate. Trade developed, cities built and the important Silk Road went through here. It used be a forgotten and isolated land, but nowadays the rich reserves of oil and gas have helped this region to development at an amazing speed. Just returning from this area and excited with my wonderful experience, I have designed a trip called “Charming Transcaucasia” and I would like to invite you to go Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. 

These countries are getting more popular attracting more tourists every year. It has become a huge melting pot of different cultures, religions and ethnic groups. Here the European culture meets the Asian culture; and the Old World meets the modern society. The ubiquitous cell phone has revolutionized the way people communicate and access information, bringing the whole world together. I found myself staring into a kaleidoscope when I traveled in that region.

It wasn’t my first visit to the Transcaucasia, but everywhere I went, I could feel people’s strong desire for peace. I met a 51-year-old Azerbaijan man who just came back from the war with Armenia. He told me that he couldn’t sleep on so many nights. The young manager of a restaurant said, “We don’t care if it is Russian or American. We just hope there will be no more war and we get more tourist coming”. Easier access to information has opened people’s eyes about what is going on in this world and every one  starts to form his own opinion. However, peace is what everybody wishes for. I felt very safe traveling in these countries and people are extremely friendly. Join me to see Transcaucasia’s ancient castles, splendid temples, cobbled street, magnificent monuments, museums, theaters, art galleries; watch the wonderful ballet performances; sample the great variety of gourmet food and wine; and experience the unique ethnographic heritages.   


Day 1-4. arrive in Baku, Azerbaijan

Day 5. to Nakhchivan

Day 6. to Baku

Day 7-8. to Tbilisi, Georgia

Day 9-10. to Batumi

Day 11-12. to Mestia

Day 9. to Mostar

Day 10. to Kotor, Montenegro

Day 11. to Ostrog Monastery

Day 13. to Georgia

Day 14-19. to Yerevan, Armenia

Day 20. trip ends. 

China Span + One Globe

Limit:  5 People

Date:  July 18-August 6, 2018