China Span + One Globe

Day 1. arrive in Shanghai

Day 2. to Guiyang

Day 3-5. to Zhenyuan

Day 6-8. to Zhaoxing

Day 9-10. to Sanjiang

Day 11-12. to Xingping

Day 13-14. to Yangshuo

Day 15-17. to Li-An Lodge

Day 18-19. to Shanghai 

Day 20. trip ends. 

Date:  June 22-July 11, 2020


In the remote hidden mountains of southwest China, live the Miao, Dong, Yao, Shui and Zhuang people, renowned for their colorful, exquisitely embroidered costume and elaborate silver jewelry. They are probably the best folk artists in the current world. We would like to invite you to join us for a journey into China’s Guizhou and Guangxi Provinces. The colorful ethnic minority cultures, hidden tribes and stunning landscapes characterized by limestone karst hills, jagged peaks and terraced rice fields, have made this area a paradise for anthropologists, photographers and adventurer travelers. 

A landlocked province, Guizhou is one of the best kept secrets in China. It is home to 14 of China’s 60 officially recognized ethnic minorities and displays the great kaleidoscopic customs of these colorful people. Over 1000 lively festivals a year are celebrated. We, of course, will not miss such an exciting occasion. Together with local Miao people, we will celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. Decorated long wooden boats will race on the Wuyang River, generating much excitement. There will be ceremonies worshipping the dragon, lion dance, Lusheng pipe performances to name a few. You will see beautifully dressed young people singing and dancing.

Our land trip between Guizhou and Guangxi is filled with stunning landforms where stepped terraces winding up the sides of mountains and rivers cut deep gorges through the valleys. We will also admire the distinct architectural styles presented by stone houses, drum tower and wind-and-rain bridges and the great kaleidoscopic customs of these colorful people. 

We will reach Long Sheng, famous for the spectacular rolling mountains covered with rice terraces. We will stay Li-An Lodge, designed and built by Keren Su. More than 100 authentic antique pieces are used to decorate each of the 16 rooms, designed individually in a distinct theme focusing on Chinese culture. We will enjoy the beautiful Chinese art, learn the history and stories behind it and photograph the magnificent rice terraces from your window.

After years of careful planning and hard work, Keren Su finally finished his another two boutique lodges in Guangxi Province. In Yangshuo, we will stay at  Gallery Lodge located on the banks of the picturesque Yulong River, a tributary of the Li River. It took eight years to finish. Each room is named after a famous Chinese scenic area and decorated with Keren’s photos showing its beautiful scenery. Gallery Lodge houses a gallery displaying Keren’s photography work spanning over a career of four decades. In Xingping, made famous by its scenery featured on the Chinese 20 Yuan note, we will stay at Li River Lodge. This is where the Li River makes a big turn with undulating karst hills, turquoise water and verdant bamboo bush. Each room is named after a beautiful flower and tastefully designed and decorated with Keren’s impressive collection of classic Chinese furniture. These three lodges form a Golden Ring route, each located at a best scenic spot, so you will be able to enjoy the best and entire sceneries Guilin has to offer. You can take a bamboo raft ride on the clear calm water; you can ride a bicycle through the green rice paddy and you can take a leisurely stroll in the ancient town and picturesque village.

This is a trip displaying China’s marvelous landscapes characterized by limestone hills, jagged peaks and terraced rice paddies, idyllic countryside, and colorful ethnic people who still retain their traditional cultures. Meanwhile, we will get to stay comfortably at Keren’s artistic lodges. Come and join us!

Price:  $6500

Limit:  6 people

Colorful Ethnic China